NEO GEO X Product Registration Support and Warranty

Thank you for choosing the NEO GEO X Gold System! We want you to enjoy your purchase to the fullest, and that starts with a few easy registration steps. Knowing more about you helps us to quickly and efficiently support the product that you purchased and also allows us to share with you helpful tips, special offers and much more. It also helps to  verify ownership for your insurance company if your product is ever lost or stolen. Register your product today to have access to a wide range of benefits.

A few of the benefits that you can look forward to:

  • Handy tips from NEOGEO X’s secret online community. Do you want to pull off the perfect Special Move on Art of Fighting? We will tell you how in the coming months.
  • Reminders about any updates that will keep you and your product, totally up to date.
  • Exclusive previews of new products and innovations
  • Get easy access to downloads, FAQs and instruction manuals for each game
  • Special offers, product news and promotions
  • News about any change to the warranty plans.


To Register your 90 day warranty please choose your territory below. For further details of your warranty please either see your manual or download the appropriate PDF for your territory at the bottom of this page.


USA, Canada, Mexico, South America


Europe, Russia, Africa, Middle East and Australia








America, Canada, Mexico & South America.


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Sales Enquiry: [email protected]


Europe, Australia, Middle East, Russia & Africa


Support: [email protected]

Sales; [email protected]



Success Company

Ben Hui

Tel: (852) 23076666

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The NEO GEO X Gold System systems carry a standard warranty

Complete warranty text PDF  (USA, Canada, Mexico and South America)
Complete warranty text PDF (Europe, Australia, Russia, Middle East and Africa)
Complete warranty text PDF (Asia)